Sunday, July 27, 2008

Leukadia 7.27.08

We had a wonderful visit with Michael's family - enjoying dinners on both evenings & spending some quality time with Gracie & Nolan. They're such good kids, so happy & animated. We just love spending time with them. We played with tinkertoys one morning before going to the pool & then back for lunch. Michael's Dad was not feeling well but we're glad we were able to see him one evening. Michael's Mom is struggling with her husband Pete and advanced Alzheimers. It's difficult to see her struggle and we feel helpless about the situation. And yes, it was HOT!! Michael's Mom, Muriel, made a wonderful chicken dinner and even baked a carrot cake! We were so spoiled there (as we always are!) and are bummed we can't spend more time there.

We left Palm Springs on Saturday morning & made it to Leukadia, a town just North of San Diego. Michael has an old buddy here that we met up with for a neighbor's party & then back to their place for drinks. It was awful nice of their neighbor to have a party just for us....complete with live band and dinner/drinks. We had a great time with them & it was nice catching up.

I had too much to drink last night and spent most of the morning recovering. We took a walk on the beach & went to lunch at this great place called the 'Wakei Cafe' that we visited yesterday as well. We had a nice leisurely walk down the main street checking all of the little boutique stores along the way. There are lots of surf shops, hawaiian stores, & small cafes. The place is great.

Tomorrow we're headed to Venice Beach. We're looking forward to checking out the crazies there.

{GMST}33|04.267|N|117|18.297|W|Staying at the Leucadia Beach Inn|Leucadia (San Diego){GEND}


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