Monday, July 21, 2008

Vegas Baby! 7.21.08

We zoomed through Death Valley as we were worried it would be horribly hot....and it was! Luckily though, we took off super early and at 7am, it was in the 70' 8am, it was in the 80's and suddenly at 9am it was over 100. We stopped in Furnace Creek which is aptly named and checked out the Borax Museum and then zoomed the rest of the way into Vegas.

We're staying at The Palms, just off the strip. We got a killer deal on our room - I guess in July they're begging people to stay. We purchased 2 nights, got one free plus a $30 dinner credit, daily admission to the spa, & when we arrived we were upgraded to a Jr.'s bigger than our boat! And after 3 weeks of campgrounds....we appreciate it so much. No bugs, no hike to a bathroom, TV without worrying about power issues, all the Internet we can's kinda like heaven. haha...

So the last couple days has just been doing well....What Happens in Vegas....stays in Vegas! Gambling, gambling, & shows. We've been relaxing & keeping plenty busy at the same time. We went to The Comedy Stop last night & walked up & down the strip all day. It's HOT here!! Suprise, suprise! haha...

Tomorrow we're going to Hoover Dam...we've both been here 100 times and have never gone. Can't wait!!

{GMST}36|07.279|N|115|11.643|W|Vegas at The Palms!|Vegas Baby!{GEND}


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