Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Visiting in Kansas! 10.8.08

We had a great visit with my family these last few days. We arrived on Friday, after stopping in Fort Worth for an evening, just in time for a Friday dinner date with grandpa! Mom & Dad go to dinner with him every Friday evening and after dinner, we went back to his house & gabbed until almost midnight! It was great to spend time with him. Saturday morning we got up & went to a Wichita Geocachers breakfast and then went geocaching with the group for about 4 hours. And we weren't finished! We went back to the house to regroup & get additional coordinates and then took off again for about 4 hours more! Sunday morning was a Red Cross breakfast and then another full day of geocaching! Whew! :-)

Monday Michael & I took off to see his son, Brandon Jacobs, and just missed meeting his girlfriend, Alex. We spent a couple hours chatting with him and then visited another friend, Brian Warren. I didn't have a chance to look up some high school friends to see if they are still in Wichita and figured I'll get more chances later.

Tuesday we just visited & found a few more geocaches, getting ready to leave. All in all, we found over 50 geocaches! It was a ton of fun and we had so much fun on our trip. We just wish we could stay longer!

Michael had his cold the entire time we were there but was a great sport and didn't complain (loudly) once! haha. He has a chest cold that he picked up just before we left California. I've managed to avoid it so far, and hope it stays that way!

We're heading back to Corpus tomorrow. It's almost time to head back to Mexico!!
{GMST}37|37.598|N|097|21.516|W|Visiting my family in Kansas|Wichita, KS{GEND}


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