Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home again (S&L’s) 9.9.08

Oh boy, it was a very early morning this morning….and what was with the spinning rooms?? And where did those sore muscles come from?? Haha. We met for breakfast at 7am this morning and chowed down our pinto gallo & Cristofer met us at 8am. Actually, he left the vehicle at the hotel each night and one evening stayed with friends one night and in one of the casitas the next night. He took us into Moyogalpa for our ferry that departed at 11:30am.
We arrived plenty early so Liz & I toured the area. We found by accident a huge star fruit tree. We talked to a woman and remarked that they were sooo good and she said 'take all you want!!' We took 3 - one for seeds and two to eat. Hopefully Liz can get some growing on her property!
Also, on the water were these hatched roofs and we figured out - it was a laundrymat! Right in the lake, separate stalls and all.
On the way to Moyogalpa, Liz called Katy, who was staying at the house to look after the animals. Randalls, their old cat, died on Monday night in his sleep. It was very sad. He had been finicky eating the last week and getting pretty skinny…but didn’t make it.

The truck was safe & sound in San Jorge in the storage shed, thank goodness, & we headed home quickly. Both Katy & Victor were there & once a proper burial spot was chosen, Victor dug an adequate hole & we all laid Randalls to rest, planting a hibiscus at the spot. A sad day.

And comparable worse….we learned that Hurricane Ike is heading straight for Corpus Christi!! And….it’s scheduled to hit on Friday eve, Saturday morning. We’re supposed to fly back to Corpus on Friday morning. Hmmm…I sure hope that it changes course, slows down, dissipates, whatever!! We called Continental Airlines and they had no cancellations or changes so far. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it and figuring out our plans!!

More to follow…please keep us & our property & the lives of our tenants in your prayers!!


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