Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back in Corpus Christi 9.20.08

We made it back to Corpus Christi today after hanging out in Nicaragua for another week because of Hurricane Ike. As you may be aware, Hurricane Ike rolled through Texas on Saturday, September 13th. Luckily for us, it hit North of Corpus Christi between Galveston & Houston so Corpus Christi only had significant rain and our property, tenants, & friends in the area were all spared. Thank goodness!

We enjoyed another week in Nicaragua which included more surf trips, more trips throughout the area, & unfortunately, some system malfunctions at Scott & Liz's house. Luckily, Michael was there to help out Scott with the generator, inverter/charger, & septic systems. Scott & Liz were flying out to Guadalajara for her yearly medical exams so we hitched a ride with them to the airport. Poor Scottie, he was so stressed out with leaving the house with so many problems but they're leaving it in the very capable hands of Katy & Victor so I'm sure it will be OK.

We enjoyed our trip and are looking forward to seeing them again soon! But I'll tell you....we are both starting to get seriously homesick. We're ready to be back on the boat!

The past few days we have been getting ourselves established in Texas - both vehicles are Titled & Registered in Texas and our property continues to be remodeled. We're heading up to visit my folks in Kansas tomorrow and will spend a little over a week with them.

More to follow!
{GMST}27|48.315|N|097|27.247|W|Back in Corpus Christi|Back in Corpus Christi, TX{GEND}


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