Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back in Barra 2.7.09

We made it back to Barra de Navidad lagoon on Friday. We dropped anchor and before we knew it, Linda & Wally from S/V Andanzas with Angel their dog were on board catching up. We chit-chatted with them for a while and then ran into the internet cafe to check messages & call in for another interview. This one was for a job doing an H2 Hummer Tour and a tour aboard an amphibious vehicle in Alaska. It sounds like fun! We'll see...

I have to tell you something kinda cool about this area. Last week we walked through a big celebration in the new church in town called San Antonio's Church.
It has some interesting history. When Hurricane Lily struck the area on September 1st, 1791, according to the locals, during the most violent part of the storm the many families who were sheltered inside San Antonio's Church began to pray feverishly. After which, the image of Christ in the church lowered his arms and all of a sudden the strong winds and rain stopped. The image is now known as ''El Cristo del Ciclon'' (The Christ of the Hurricane) or ''El Cristo de los Brazos Caidos'' ('The Christ of the Fallen Arms) and is prominently displayed in the new church.
I have heard that the vatican approves of the image and has allowed it to be displayed as the 'miracle of Barra de Navidad'. And since that time, there have been no hurricanes or tsunami's hit the area. Cool, huh?

We spent Saturday on the hunt for a chiropractor for Michael - we found a deep tissue masseuse and a accupuncturist in Barra so we jumped on a bus and went into Melaque and finally found a massage/chiropractor and Michael was adjusted to the best of this guy's abilities. He is still in a bit of pain and continues to take medicine to help. We are planning to see the accupuncturist tomorrow to see if he can help. Until then, Michael is taking it easy & resting. Poor guy...

Have a wonderful weekend!
More to follow...


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