Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ahhh....Arizona! 3.18.09

We made it! No problems whatsoever. WHEW! I have to admit, after the problems last time we drove in, I was very nervous to drive back out, but it was absolutely no problem. We had a couple more checkpoints, more toll roads - 12 in total for both days, a total of 641 pesos or about $45 US, lots more vegetation changes, mountains, beautiful cactus, roads that were about as lumpy as old abandoned highways back home, & perfect temps. We had one very weird thing happen - we pulled up into a toll area and were going to pay the toll. There were about 10 guys in front of the toll booth, which can be typical as they are trying to sell you stuff - water, candy, food, etc. But this one was different...there was no toll workers! After a minute and trying to figure it out, we just drove on through. We still don't know what it was all about and were certainly looking out the rear view window the entire time waiting for the cop to pull us over! But no problems.

We left Guaymas early this morning, around 6:00 and made it to the border around 11:00. We turned our Temporary Import Permit for the Jeep in so they won't keep our deposit money, and drove on through. We were stopped at Border Patrol on the U.S. side, again, and sent for a secondary inspection...again. Somehow we have to look less conspicous or something as we keep being inspected. But funny, it's always the U.S. who are doing it! Anyway, we were pulled over & asked the standard questions - do you have any plants, animals, pets, tobacco, alcohol, or fruit in the vehicle. We have a cooler on back of the Jeep that has the remains of a 12 pack of beer, but nothing major. So they asked to look inside, saw the jelly, butter, milk, & iced tea jar and were OK with that. An agent came up to my side of the Jeep while Michael was in back dealing with the other agent and asked me the same questions they were asking Michael, and wanted to see inside a soft-sided cooler that was on the passenger floor. It had 2 bottles of water and 2 gatorade problem! You can go.

Again, a big sigh of relief. We drove into Tucson, stopped for lunch, and are now on our way to Phoenix where we will spend the night. I said it before but I'll say it again....what a difference a day makes! We go to U.S. dollars, gallons instead of liters, miles instead of kilometers, english instead of spanish, etc!

It's good to be back.


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