Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bears, bears, bears! 8.16.09

We spent a couple hours down at Herring Cove watching out for some bears and were pleasantly suprised to see not one, not too, but three separate shows!

Our first bear I like to call the 'catch and release' bear as he put on quite a show for us by catching salmon in the water...and then letting them go! Here's a couple pics...

Here he's running for one of them...

A black bear in AK running after a salmon

Splish, Splash!

A black bear in the water with the salmon

Got one!

He got one!

But he lets it go...

And then let it go

Then we had a 2nd bear come right up beside us, only about 40' or so from where we were standing!

A smaller bear heading up to the hatchery

And finally, just as we were leaving, a sow with 2 cubs, which were SO cute!!

What'cha doing mom?

I took a hundred photos, literally, and uploaded a bunch of them to the photo album if you want to view them! They're in the Alaska photo album here...


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