Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not another one...Hurricane Rick 10.18.09

We've been in Ventura for the past few days and are leaving here on Tuesday for Palm Springs and then down to Mexico by next week. I'll write all about our great times back 'home' later...right now all eyes are on Hurricane Rick, currently forecasted to hit Cabo/Southern Baja by the end of the week.

Hurricane Rick headed towards Cabo/Mazatlan

Now we all know that forecasts change (remember last year when Hurricane Ike was scheduled to hit Corpus Christi, TX and instead hit near Houston) but the forecasts are scary. We have so many friends in the area, as well as our own boat, so any way you look at it, it has the possibility of doing major damage.

Hurricane Rick headed towards Cabo/Mazatlan

Please send all of your good thoughts & prayers to the area! We'll be following it incredibly closely and will be thinking of all our friends down in the area. Make it go WEST!!! ;-)

More to follow...


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