Monday, December 21, 2009

Beach Day in Sayulita 12.21.09

The past three days or so we have been doing projects on the boat, checking out the town, and enjoying spending time with friends. There is always something to do here!! Never a dull moment – the day we arrived there were two parties, the next day we went to a party on dock 10 – Bob on S/V Yemaya was celebrating receiving his 1st social security check and bought beers & pizza for the entire dock and anyone else who wanted to come! Of course everyone pitched in and brought something to accompany it and whalah….it’s a party! The next day we decided that, well, it is Christmas so what the hell, we ‘crossed over’ and joined the fleet in the marina. We’re usually not marina people – at all – but well, we could make excuses all day long but we just wanted to. That evening we were contacted by Bob & Marlene on S/V Selah and we met them that evening at Brittania. We have been busy every day – even if it’s a party. Haha!!

Jeez, all this working and slaving away (yeah, right) it’s soooo time for a beach day! It’s impossible to believe all this time we’ve been here, we have only had one other beach day! We’re well past due. And luckily for us….Bill & MJ have the ‘in’ with a couple of locals with vehicles and we were invited along! And even better than that…with two pickup trucks going, we were able to take all 12 of us! We all piled into the two pickup trucks, some in front, some in back, and took the crazy winding roads around into Sayulita.

Mike & Julie climbing into the back of pickup number 1

Once there, we found parking (not an easy feat!), stumbled out, and, what else – found a spot for Breakfast! In Sayulita, one of the must-stop’s is a place called Rollie’s. It’s a great spot and they welcomed us all with open arms, even setting up the top floor special to accommodate all of us. We had an amazing breakfast and bloody mary’s (or bloody maria’s which have tequila instead of vodka) and even talked Rollie into posing in a picture with us. Fun, fun…

The group of us at Rollie's for breakfast

Then we gathered up all our beach stuff – blankets, towels, umbrellas, boogie boards, knapsacks, etc and staked out a spot. As we arrived, we spotted a sailboat that looked to be close to rounding the corner and we wondered if it was Anne & Jeff on Outrider. I hailed them on the portable radio we brought with us just in case we saw them but didn’t hear a response. Come to find out later that day they did hear us and were trying to hail us too but the portable radio just couldn’t pick them up. Cool!!

The group settled at the beach

The beach was packed, heavily laden with surfers, swimmers, & suntanners. There were of course lots of vendors walking by selling the normal trinkets and some unusual items – like this guy selling bbq’d shrimp on sticks!

Shrimp on a stick anyone?

The water felt amazing – it was sunny and the water was a welcome refuge from the heat. The beach is a great surf break so you had to pay attention getting both in and back out of the water but it was heavenly.

The beach at Sayulita

Michael and I went for a walkabout at one point looking for a friend of a friend who lives in Sayulita and checking out the town. The group had fun playing a dice game, people watching, swimming, shopping, etc. And of course, imbibing in the cervezas & tequila! After several hours, it was time to get back as three in the group were musicians who were playing later that evening so we herded back into the vehicles and made our way back to La Cruz.

Later that evening we all went to Ana Banana’s for great rib dinners and, of course, some great music! It’s so easy to stay busy here!

More to follow…

This is my kind of Santa...
My kind of Santa!


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