Monday, December 28, 2009

Beach trip to Punta de Mita 12.28.09

After recovering from our fun Christmas and waiting for a good weather window to round Cabo Corrientes we figured it must be time for another beach trip! And since we’ve never been to Punta de Mita, why not go now!  So Mike & Julie from Slacker and Anne & Jeff from Outrider and us all went to check it out. We found our seats on a bus and took off – like a bat out of hell. Literally. I was in luck, my neck was still killing me so I sat in the back of the bus holding onto my head with my eyes closed. It turns out, that was probably the best thing I could have done because I learned when we got off the bus, we had none other than Mario Andretti driving the bus! Or maybe a Mario Andretti wanna be, you never know. Michael and I were near the back of the bus but Mike & Julie were in the first few rows as were Anne & Jeff. They had quite a show watching the driver pass vehicle after vehicle on blind curves, on a winding two lane road. They figured they were safe when the got behind another bus, but no! Our driver just passed him like he was standing still! Julie started to get scared when she saw a local in the row ahead of her cross himself. You know it’s bad when a local is frightened! I wondered why, at the first stop, everyone seemed so eager to get off the bus! Haha…

Once off the bus we walked the few streets down to the beach and promptly went in search of a drink! After that ride, we needed something to settle our nerves (seems like reasonable rationalization to me, right?!) We found a great restaurant – The Acuario – with a second story that opened up to the beach and settled in for the afternoon.

Slacker, Outrider & Ahea Kali in Punta de Mita!!

The beach was packed even though it was a cool, cloudy day. Punta de Mita is known for its surfing and there were plenty of surfers taking advantage of the never ending surf coming in. There were a handful of boats anchored out and we had a bit of fun watching the dinghies & kayaks come in – commentating the entire time to go, Go, GO! Or just rate them on how they did.

The The gang’s all here in Punta de Mita!

Conversation never ceased & after a while we decided to check out the rest of the beach. There was lots of new construction since the last time either Outrider or Slacker had been here. We found some of the old haunts, spotted some new must-do’s the next time, and wound our way through the city streets back up to the bus stop. On our way, we found a guy on the street selling fresh-cooked churos! YUM!! There’s not much better than fresh, hot churos and we all got a bag. Six churos for a whole 10 pesos. Yum….heaven.

Yum…fresh churos!!

Waiting for that weather window!!


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