Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back in Barra for Super Bowl 2.7.10

After our crazy night in Tenacatita and all the rain, we came back to Barra two days later to continue to dry out. The rain continued the entire next day after the lightning storm and then the sun came out on the day after….and was WARM!! Woohoo!

Ahhh….back in the sunshine

As my good friend Julie noted, I felt just like a lizard wanting to warm myself on the rocks in the sunshine, like a big solar panel was attached to my chest and I needed to see the sun! haha… So we are back in Barra, drying out, getting a load of laundry done, and visiting with Bill & MJ from S/V Grey Max who came down via car from La Cruz to visit. We had only one ‘leak’ from the crazy rain – a stanchion that needs to be rebedded – but nothing major.

Yesterday we went in town for the Rotary club’s Annual Chili Cookoff which was a huge success. There were 28 amateur contestants and 9 professional contestants. The chili was incredible, the margaritas exceptional, and most importantly, we had a great group of cruisers with us. The weather has cleared up and the sun is shining again.

Michael & Rene at the Chili Cookoff in Barra de Navidad

Today is Super Bowl! There are a couple of venues to watch the Super Bowl and hopefully we’ll be able to see the English commercials. Wish us luck! And I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!



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