Saturday, January 30, 2010

El Nino in Tenacatita 1.30.10

Back in Tenacatita we have been stymied by a constant wind & rain that has hit the area. This season has been so incredibly weird weather wise and it just keeps coming! It keeps us stuck on the boat or changes our plans frequently but we’ve still managed to partake in trips up the jungle to town and beach runs, Darrell and I managed to win ‘Tenacatita Champions’ in bocce ball (winning two games back to back), and the famous Mayor’s raft-up where all of the dinghies are tied together and we pass around appetizers, books, cd’s, dvd’s etc and engage in a great talk that is suggested by Robert & Virginia, this year’s Mayors.

The Mayor’s raft-up in Tenacatita

And being ‘stuck’ on the boat does have it’s good times as well. As I mentioned, we’re in a ‘utilize everything’ year – trying very, very hard to use every can, bag, bottle, & package of whatever we have and making it into something scrumptious. We originally provisioned in 2005 and still have items left over from then, not to mention the provisions from 2007!! But we’re doing good and have only found one canned item that went ‘bad’….the sweetened condensed milk turned into caramel. Yum!! Haha… I made a Pear Walnut coffee cake the other morning and an improvised super yummy pot of clam chowder that was incredible. We’ve even broken out the board & card games on the boat and have been playing them as well! (Though Michael seems to kick my ass!) The consensus out here is ‘it’s better to be stuck with some rain….than be back at work any time!” haha…

More to follow!


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