Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chamela 1.5.10

Woohoo!! We made it! Yippee! We left the pull of La Cruz (I’ll tell you, it’s easy to get ‘stuck’ there!) and pulled out of the marina around 11:00pm just behind Outrider. Once we were out in the bay the seas were a little choppy, with tight swells batting us around and nearly nonexistent winds. As we got closer to Cabo Corrientes the seas were like a washing machine, seeming to hit us from all sides, but we blasted through with only a few thrown items down below. Incredibly though, just a few miles from the point, the seas mellowed and the wind picked up and it was an incredibly smooth ride the rest of the way to Chamela. What a beautiful day! We saw only a few turtles and just one whale, but the day was a bit overcast which kept the temperature down and was perfect for a long transit.

We pulled into Chamela Bay around 3:30pm and set the hook along with about 10 other boats. I’m not proud of what I’m about to tell you…but it took not one, not two….but four attempts to get the hook set! The first time we didn’t like our ultimate position so we pulled up, the second we aborted before even setting it down, the third it just skipped across the bottom, and the fourth – whalah! Set like a charm! Now that we’ve made everyone in the anchorage nervous and toasted each other on a successful passage (it’s a requisite of the passage!)…haha!!..it was time to do what I’ve been waiting what seems like forever to do….JUMP IN THE WATER!! We dove off the side of the boat like acrobats – swan dives and all (though it probably just looked like a belly flop from other views) and soaked up some much needed salt water time. No agenda, no time limit, we just swam round and round the boat until it was all we could do to haul ourselves out of the water. It was….aahhhh….you know what I mean? After that we fixed some dinner, watched an episode of 24 (Jack Bauer was calling our name!), and hit the sack early. Hopefully we’ll get a nice rest tonight.

More to follow!


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