Friday, February 12, 2010

What storm?! 2.12.10

That’s what the hearty 8 boats who stayed in Tenacatita to ‘brave the storm’ asked while enjoying the sunshine! The forecasts were bad but we decided to tough it out in Tenacatita as our only other option was to go into Barra de Navidad lagoon with bad holding ground or spend big bucks in the marina of Barra. Luckily, it worked out in our favor! The anchorage at Tenacatita emptied out as news of the weather spread, we all listened intently to the weather reports on the nets, poured over the weather available on the internet….and waited! Luckily though, it was all hype and we had a wonderful time in Tenacatita.

I finally remembered to take my underwater camera snorkeling with me this time and had a ton of fun trying to get the fishes to pose for me.

Fish caught while snorkeling in Tenacatita

Here, fishy fishy!! Of course with a snorkel in my mouth it came out more like Hmmmrrrrrr hisshhee hisshee…

Rene snorkeling in Tenacatita

so while I did manage to get some fun shots, I missed many many more. It was an overcast day and I didn’t expect to see much but as always I was amazed at the colors of the tropical fish – yellows, blues, oranges, neon stripes, it was incredible.

Colorful fish in Tenacatita

The water was a little cool since the sun wasn’t out and I made a good call by wearing my rash guard to help me stay warm. We snorkeled the rocks nearest our boat while the pelicans watched us intently.

Pelicans watching us while snorkeling in Tenacatita

I have more underwater photos here…

It’s so cool to be able to get within a foot or so of them and I just love the coloring on them, how different they are. What I don’t like is the monster poop they leave on the bowsprit when the come to visit the boat! Haha… An hour and a half later I was starting to get cold so I swam back to the boat which got my blood pumping again and it wasn’t 5 minutes from getting everything rinsed off that we were notified of bocce ball on the beach! Sounds great!

One of the things I love about cruising is having the chance to meet & get to know new people. S/V Ithaki was in Tenacatita last year while we were here and we were introduced to them at the Mayor’s Raft-up but didn’t have a chance to really get to know them. But luckily with only a few boats in the anchorage and time to spare – it was the perfect time to get to know them! They invited us over onto their boat for appetizers and we could have talked all night. Anastasia made a killer appetizer that I’ll add to my recipe arsenal – it was chicken mixed with cream cheese and worsheshire sauce (however you spell that!) – yummy!! We literally had to tear ourselves away from them so we could pack up the boat for the next day’s departure! And I’ve mentioned how it sucks to leave your new friends, hoping to catch up with them again! Dino and Anastasia are one of those couples we hope to spend much more time with next season.

We’re on the move tomorrow – headed up to Chamela, about 31 miles away. We’re hoping for a nice day on the water! We’re buddy boating with Outrider, Slacker, & Pacific Jade and will be looking for that perfect time to round Cabo Corrientes.

More to follow!!


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