Friday, February 26, 2010

Made it to Mantanchen Bay! 2.26.10

Mantanchen Bay was so spectacular we all decided to stay a day and wait for Anne & Jeff on Outrider to catch up with us so we could all head up to Mazatlan together. Michael found an issue on the boat, one of our selector switches failed near the Xantrex unit which prevented us getting power on the A/C side. In layman’s terms….we had no power in our plugs and our refrigerator and freezer needed power! An hour of troubleshooting and fixing later, it was back to normal – woohoo!

The view of the beach in Mantanchen Bay

It was a perfect beach day so we all put our dinghies in the water & headed to shore. One thing that all cruisers will agree is that after a full day or more on the boat, it’s great to take a long walk on the beach to stretch our the leg muscles! There was no surf to speak of and the dinghy landing was no problem. Everyone met up and decided to walk around the point and back again. It was low tide and the sand seemed to stretch forever before it hit the water. The walk was beautiful! Palm trees everywhere you looked, a carpet of caramel colored sand, small waves of water washing in, incredible!

The beach in Mantanchen Bay

We walked until we couldn’t walk any further and turned around. By this time it was close to lunch time so we walked back to where our dinghies were parked, Ismael’s, and settled in for lunch. It must have been a holiday of some sort as there were three busloads of folks at the beach and our wait time at the restaurant was a little longer than usual, but it was such a spectacular day no one complained in the least bit. We had an amazing lunch and met up with Mark & Vicky from Southern Cross once they were back from their jungle river trip and just enjoyed watching the day go by.

The group walking the beach in Mantanchen Bay

After lunch we walked into town to purchase some banana bread & muffins and then back to the beach and out to the boats for a nice, mellow evening. We are all planning to leave tomorrow morning around 10:00 or so for the 20-24 hour run up to Mazatlan! Woohoo! I can’t wait….we’re both ready to be back ‘home’!! :-)

One more long run to Maz….


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