Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We gotta get outta this place! 2.24.10

Though I'm sure The Animals didn't write that song with La Cruz in mind when they wrote it..but it certainly became our theme song for the past two weeks. Haha! There's something about La Cruz that sucks you in, takes hold, and doesn't want to let go! Don't get me wrong, it is a wonderful place - full of things to do and see and we thoroughly enjoy spending time with friends here but jeez! Enough is enough! We were ready to leave a week ago. Oh well! We're on our way now. We're headed out tomorrow morning, come hell or high water. There is a 4 day weather window opening up and we're taking it! We'll be heading up to Mantanchen Bay on our first leg - a 10 hour trip (or so!) - spend a day relaxing in San Blas and then continue on to Mazatlan the following day, an overnighter that should take between 20-24 hours. Woohoo!!

On our way..


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