Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All out of –ed’s 11.24.2010

We have spent about 4 weeks in Mazatlan getting the boat ready to sail South for the season and have finally run out of must-do’s! Woohoo!

We’ve scrubbed, scraped, sanded, varnished, contemplated, organized, exercised, painted, hoisted, packed, waxed, bumped, replaced, sweated, repaired, reorganized, sold, shopped, provisioned, walked, folded, washed, agonized, vacuumed, pumped, rinsed, grinded, prepped, taped, glued, typed, rewired, tied, stacked, yogad, stowed, hung, hmmm….is there anything I’ve forgotten? Probably plenty, it’s called ‘cruise-heimers’! haha…

It sure is a ton of work getting the boat ‘ready’ for the season but oh so rewarding! Ahea Kali looks like a million bucks and she’s tugging at the lines telling us it’s time to get out of the marina. We had ‘plans’ to bail out on Sunday and head North but time, repairs, & weather did not cooperate with that plan so it’s on to plan B…..get out of the marina, go to Stone Island, and determine a plan while sitting at anchor.

We have been social butterflies, as usual, and have been enjoying getting together with friends and catching up. We almost over-did it (is there such a thing?) this week beginning on Sunday meeting up with friends every evening plus lunches – Elvira & Ramiro on Sunday, John & Gay on Monday, Ken & Lori and Darrell & Rita on Tuesday. Whew! We’ve loved every minute of it.

Last week a small group got together & went to the Mazatlan Venados’ baseball game, which was a blast as usual.

The Mazatlan Venados baseball game

It’s triple A baseball so the game itself is great but what makes it so much fun is everything else! Each section has a dedicated beer vendor who serves you ice cold beers in a blink of an eye, right at your seat, all for less than $2. There are the standards of any ballgame – peanuts, cotton candy, etc. But also available is pizza served by the slice, cups of fruit, sausage, ceviche, salchicha (chunks of sausage), coconut stacks (I LOVE these!!!) and other interesting items. Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the hats that just make you smile...the salchicha (sausage) vendor wear a crazy one with a big sausage on top (would that make them a dick-head?),

The Salchicha vendors at the baseball game with their crazy hats!

the crazy antics of ‘Venny’ & ‘Pollo’ the mascots, rating the outfits of the Tecate girls, Bimbo girls, Fire Extinguisher girls, the crazy music, dancing, & singing, etc. It’s a cultural experience!! ;-)

We absolutely love Mazatlan. It is one of our favorite places in Mexico and we consider it ‘home’ (for 6 months of the year!) We enjoy visiting our favorite places, favorite restaurants, & the general atmosphere of the area. And don’t forget our favorite people! We always have too much fun here….but get restless and, like now, are READY to get the heck out of here!!! We’re headed to Stone Island tomorrow which is only a stone’s throw away from Mazatlan but is out of the marina, so an improvement already.

More to follow…


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