Friday, December 17, 2010

The La Cruz de Huanacaxtle vortex effect 12.17.2010

We’re currently anchored in La Cruz, outside of the city of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, in Banderas Bay which is a large bay that is most known for Puerta Vallarta. We arrived here on a Tuesday after a way rolly night in Jaltemba. I took a video of that as well, though this is nothing like what we experienced during the night.

La Cruz is known for its vortex effect as there are so many people to see, places to go, restaurants to visit, beaches to explore, and activities to enjoy! Some people like to say it’s like a big rubberband….it pulls you back each time you get ready to leave. So needless to say, we’ve been caught in the vortex.

We arrived mid-morning and threw the hook in the anchorage and enjoyed a nice, quiet, non-rolly evening. The next day started it all up. We hitched a ride in with Bill & MJ from Grey Max on their dinghy and went into town to get some dinner and listen to Mike from Ramble on Rose and Russell play music at the Huanacaxtle Bar & Grill.

Dinner & Music at Huanacaxtle Bar in La Cruz

On our walk to the bar we stopped and chatted with Barry & Ana from Ana Banana’s and had a couple drinks. After getting all the interesting news about town, like for instance there are 30 restaurants in La Cruz now. 30!! For such a small town, it’s an amazing number.

We finally made our way to the restaurant and had an amazing dinner there and listened to Mike & Russell play. The restaurant is a must-do if you’re in the area, very yummy food and great prices!

The next day we loaded up Michael & Ceacy’s truck with 8 of us and cruised up to Sayulita for a beach day for Bill’s birthday! It was a great day and Sayulita sure has changed. This summer there were huge storms that ripped through the area leaving bridges destroyed & homes & businesses teetering on the edge of the side of the rivers. Sayulita was no exception but instead of it turning into a bad thing, it increased the beach by about 3 times!

An extended beach in Sayulita

It’s amazing. The beach was great - sunny, the surfers were out & it was the perfect temperature.

Bill had a great time with his Birthday Hat!

Happy Birthday Bill!

We enjoyed the beach for a while and then made our way up to Rick & Leslie’s house, some friends of the group.

Showing some leg at Rick & Leslie's house in Sayulita

All the Boys in a line at Rick & Leslie's house in Sayulita

What an incredible view! Their house was at the top of a driveway that seemed to go straight up and once we arrived the panoramic view was breathtaking.

The View in Sayulita

Rick & Leslie had two other couples at the house and we arrived with 8 of us. The drinks were flowing, the appetizers scrumptious, and the conversation was never ending! What a way to ring in a birthday. Oh, and we spotted some whales out in the bay too – something Rick & Leslie said they have never seen. We all piled back into the truck and made our way back to La Cruz and back out to the anchorage. What a great, great day….

Our time here has only begun and we’re booked almost solid for things to do & places to go. The vortex is pulling us in…. :-)

More to follow…

P.S.....I sure do miss The Big Bang Theory this season!!!


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