Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hanging in Chacala 12.5.2010

Sunset in Chacala anchorage

We have spent the past few days in a lovely anchorage called Chacala. Our first attempt at leaving Mantanchen Bay was on Thursday. We were out about 4 miles from the anchorage when Grey Max reported trouble with their engine – it was acting up. They diagnosed the problem – a part on the fuel line had split and air was getting into the line. Their engine was not functioning at all. Ahea Kali to the rescue – or at least tow rescue! We hopped in front, threw them a line, and towed them back to the anchorage where they fixed the defective part and the engine was happy again. Whew! It was just after noon when everything was fixed so we decided to stay the night again and get an early start the next morning to Chacala. All in a day’s cruising!

The next morning we were out of there with no problem. I will admit, I was glad to be gone. Since having the engine stolen we slept with one eye open and any new noise woke us up with a start. I put it all behind me as we left the anchorage, though I couldn’t help but wonder which one of them had my motor…

Fishing pangas outside Mantanchen Bay

We had an uneventful motorsail to Chacala, though we spotted a few whales and lots of jellyfish! Maybe I should have had lycra Laura make me a jellyfish suit afterall! Naw… ;-)

We anchored in Chacala, which is one of the anchorages that suggests both a bow and stern anchor. Although we were the first 3 boats in the anchorage, Pacific Jade and us decided to throw a stern anchor. We all kicked back on the boat and made plans to go in town the next day. By the end of the day we ended up with 4 other boats, one in between Pacific Jade and us.

The first night at anchor the wind picked up significantly and crazy swells pushed us all around. Our stern hook didn’t hold (doh!) and about midnight or so we spun around. Thankfully the small Hunter beside us was just out of reach and there was no problem with us swinging, though Michael stayed on anchor watch the remainder of the evening.

The next morning we re-set our stern anchor, deployed the dinghy, and rowed into the beach. In Chacala, there is a small reef and a nice protected dinghy landing where the fishing boats are worked on and we all 3 rowed into shore here.

Joe & Deb from Pacific Jade rowing to shore in Chacala

We walked into town and found a palapa that served cold beer. We decided that we would walk the town so we went ahead and ordered some food so we would have enough energy for the walk. The walk around town consists of about 2 short blocks including two tiendas for groceries and 3 stores for all other goodies. It was a Saturday afternoon and before we knew it we had seen & shopped it all so it must be time for dinner! :-)

Since Mantanchen Bay, Deb had been craving….I forget the name…but it’s a type of preparation of fish where the fish is smoked. We found a palapa that had it on the menu and they had a 3 kilo dorado that looked perfect! YUM!!! It was incredibly scrumptions. The fish was filleted into 3 slices and smoked to perfection. We all scarfed the fish, rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, & salsa. Mmmm….

Dinner…that’s one BIG dorado!!

When we returned to the dinghies we found a group of young kids playing around them and fishing for little fish and they instantly took a liking to our dinghy. We had about 4-5 kids ‘helping’ us move it around back into the water and when we were pushing off they all had hands on the stern and were kicking their feet…propelling us out! They became our motor! I chatted with them for a while and as the last one left us he yelled back to us ‘hasta la vista baby’! haha….

The next day I went over to Grey Max and MJ helped me re-string & fix my favorite broken anklet while she made herself a new anklet. She has such talent! I wish I could do half of what she can!! Once that was finished we all rowed into shore again for another day on the beach. We went to the same palapa for drinks (no one could argue we’re not creatures of habit!) and walked the entire beach.

Beach walk time in Chacala

Apparently there used to be a really nice RV park here that is now shut down & guards have been placed at the entrances. They have signs on the property for no camping….and, um….no pooping too… ;-)

No pooping!!!

When we arrived back at our dinghies we found that the group of kids playing in the are were using it as ‘base’ or ‘safe’….as they were chasing each other and then running and jumping into the dinghies. All 3 of us cleaned a ton of sand out but nothing was harmed.

The sunsets here are absolutely spectacular here and we spend each evening looking for the ever elusive ‘green flash’. It’s absolutely gorgous….

Another gorgeous sunset in Chacala

We’re heading to Jaltemba tomorrow and will spend a couple days there. That’s the plan! :-)

More to follow…


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