Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chicago is the windy city, my ass! 10.29.11

On our way to Boulder to visit Bill & MJ, our cruising friends from Grey Max, we stopped for the night in Wheatland, Wyoming, near Cheyenne. We arrived at dusk and scoped out our campground then went to dinner at El Gringo’s Mexican/Chinese place (haha!). We settled in for the night at the campground and were rudely awakened at 3am with ungodly gusts of wind. They started slow but kept building and building….until finally we were both awake and worried that the whole top of the van would rip off (unlikely, but it sure felt like it!)

At about 4am with the wind getting stronger and stronger, we climbed down from our bed and decided to close the pop-top. It was a coordinated effort and we had to wait until the perfect time so that it wasn’t ripped back up into place. With the pop-top in place and 4am, we weren’t about to rearrange the entire back end of the van so that we could sleep so we curled up on the couch and floor and tossed the bedsheets & blankets on top of us and slept (yeah, right!) in the most god-awful positions for a couple hours.

The next morning I asked Michael, ‘how windy do you think it was last night?’ so he googled “Wheatland Wyoming Wind” and promptly learned that Wheatland Wyoming is the ‘Windiest spot in the nation’. Yes, in the NATION!!! How luck were we to have had the pleasure (yeah, right!) of camping there! I’ll bet no one else can say they’ve done that!! Yeah, yeah, so I’m sure no one would WANT to camp there…haha….

We were in such a hurry to get the hell out of there I didn’t even take a photo…

Until we were on the highway where we saw this sign… No shit Sherlock.

No kidding – Gusts?!

Thanks for reminding me! Wait….that means not only did we have to survive the gusts all night, we have to put up with the all day too?! Yep. Hmmm….I’m rethinking visiting this part of the country. :-)

Eventually we made it to Colorado where we were greeted with yet another view!

Snow in Colorado!

Pretty, isn’t it?! I think so. I haven’t seen snow like this for years. It was so pretty! And cold…. :-)

Next stop, Boulder!
More to follow…


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