Saturday, October 22, 2011

Driving through Montana 10.22.11

On the road again... :-)

Leaving Coeur D' Alene, we headed down the road towards Yellowstone. After spending most of the day shopping we only managed to get a couple hours down the road. Luckily, we found an 'all-year' campground (which are getting harder & harder to find!) that looked like it was in a perfect location.

We pulled off the highway onto a side road, traveled about 5 miles down the road when it turned into a dirt road. Hmmm... where is this place?! The drive was absolutely gorgeous! The leaves are changing on all the trees, the sun was just going down, we were driving along a was amazing! We finally found the place - Big Pine Campground in Superior. And it was truly amazing...wouldn't you agree?!

Camping at Big Pine Campground

We arrived to a completely empty campground - fine by us! - so we picked out the spot by the creek. It's getting colder at night but it's still above freezing and do-able. We were lulled to sleep with the sound of a rushing stream just feet away.

On to Yellowstone tomorrow!
More to follow,


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