Monday, October 31, 2011

Visiting Grey Max in Boulder & Lis in Colorado Springs 10.31.11

Bill & MJ are our cruising friends from Mexico, our dock-mates for the past couple years, and one of our buddy-boats when cruising up and down the Mexico coast. Here’s Grey Max (their boat)….bonus points for telling me where the photo was taken…

Grey Max at Stone Island

And here’s how we usually look when we go for our walks….

Walking the beach in Mexico
On our walk today….

Walking along Four Mile Canyon

OK, so it’s a little bit different but still just as much fun. We made it to Boulder and drove the canyon to their house mid-afternoon. The canyon they live in was where the 4-mile fire was last year and the devastation was still apparent. There is much rebuilding and under a blanket of snow, it was still beautiful.

We had a great time catching up from our summers and felt just like being in Mexico while the girls chatted about beading & living gluten free while Michael listened to Bill play guitar. Well….almost like being in Mexico…. Though the snow on the ground reminded us we weren’t in Mexico anymore!

Scooby in Boulder Colorado

Our visit was much too short. We had so much fun with them both and was amazed how quickly the days went!

We left early Halloween morning and booked it down to Colorado Springs where we met up with Lis, a dear friend of mine from my early Army days.

Rene & Lis in Colorado Springs

Ahhh….Colorado has been good to us, bringing us together with some good friends. We’ll miss cruising with Bill & MJ and everyone else this winter! And it was great spending time with them both. Next time, definitely a longer visit…. :-)

On to Kansas!


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