Sunday, October 2, 2005

Last minute preperations

Many of you have asked what we’re working on in the last month. Well….here’s a quick list:
- I have been frantically working to restore the .mp3’s that were lost when the hard drive failed. I’m getting pretty close to getting most everything, it looks like approx 10% of what we had will be lost forever. I’m also researching mp3 players and will be purchasing one soon – I’m leaning towards the Creative Labs Zen Xtra…
- I’ve also been working on the First Aid Kit. As everyone knows, you must be able to handle most any situation when you’re out there sailing that comes along as medical care can be more than 48 hours away. So I’ve worked with my PCP Dr. Gay to establish a list of items, and medications that will be needed. This sounds so simple, but to everyone, me, Dr. Gay, and the Pharmacist, it’s a long process.
- Michael has been handling everything else. Hahaha! Some of his list consists of getting the Spinnaker Pole completed and mounted, the fix to the Generator, nailing down a place for the Bon Voyage party, ordering all of the necessary spare parts for the boat, lots of arranging inside the boat, his specialty, making lists and checking them twice for all of the items we must know and be prepared for – courtesy flags, charts, ensuring everything is working perfectly. This is all while he’s training his Dad at the shop and getting him comfortable with everything here.
- We’re also perfecting the way we’ll communicate with everyone while we’re gone and getting the laptop ready. My Dad, Bill Hayes, has graciously taken the responsibility of posting these messages on the site and we’re getting a system together to send them.
- Geez – other than that, we’re working on the lists of provisions, getting prepared for being in the boatyard and those final preparations for leaving. I guess you could say there’s nothing new and exciting…. Sue Chenoweth taught me to crochet and I’ve been playing with that at night, what an addictive hobby!

Will write more later....Rene & Michael


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