Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello California 4.15.08

We flew back to California on Tuesday, the 15th. Luckily, there were 3 other 'cruisers' going back at the same time and we shared a ride to the airport. Danni from Kinship was heading home for a couple weeks and Merry & BJ on S/V Willow. We met Merry & BJ the night before as we went to a restaruant/club called "Canuks" that has 'open mic night' on Monday & Fridays during season. There we spent our last evening in Mazatlan with our friends Barry & Pat, and some new folks that were there for open mic night. Merry & BJ have a website - check it out! - and plan to head home for a little while then jump on their bicycles & go over to Europe for a tour with friends. What fun!

Since we've been in California we've been getting settled (we're renting a room from a college friend of mine, Roberta), have been going through items in storage several times, Michael's been meeting with the buyer of the Electric Boat rental business, and spending money like crazy! haha.. We're in the market for our tent, sleeping bags, etc for our grand camping adventure and have been researching places to stop & see. It's great to have internet access 24/7 without having to walk up to the internet cafe for access! We'll certainly be spoiled again when we leave.

The plan is still to stay in Ventura until about June 1, then take off and do the big 'circle' camping trip through California. Visit friends in Nicaragua in late August & be back on the boat around early October.

I'll keep the site up during our camping trip as well so stay tuned and thanks for checking in on us!

{GMST}034|09.00|N|119|11.00|W|Back in CA|Back in CA...at Roberta's House!{GEND}


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