Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anchor Brewing Co. 6.12.08

Our 1st day in sunny San Francisco!! Woohoo! So how did we spend it? Golden Gate? That can wait…. Cable Cars…nope. Our 1st day in San Fran we went to the Anchor Brewery for the factory tour! After Michael spent the morning getting some business out of the way, we headed into town & figured out the BART system to arrive in the SOMA area of the city. It was sunny & 86 degrees – unheard of for this area whose average is in the 60’s so to say the least…our 1 mile walk from the BART station to the brewery was very warm. We arrived about 1 hour early as we didn’t know what to expect so we checked out the area & cooled down with some welcome iced tea. The brewery tour was fascinating – it’s amazing what can be done with a little hops, barley, yeast, & water! After the tour, we got to sample 6 varieties of beer – and we’re not talking little samples! They were at least 6oz glasses. We both liked the ‘Summer Brew’ the best – a light, wheat beer made only April – October.

We got to talking with a wonderful family – the Pearson’s (& ‘A’) as we were sampling beers. We enjoyed chatting with them and were even invited to their home, outside of Yosemite for a visit!

The 2 hour tour ended with a ‘last call’ and we made the 1 mile trip back to the BART station in record time…could it have been the beers?! We found a great Mexican food place to eat & are enjoying the peacefulness of the campsite once again…

More to follow!


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