Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Natural Bridges & visiting ‘Micki’ 6.10.08

Our good friends Scott & Liz on Ocean Lady are from Santa Cruz and gave us some tips on things to do while we’re here. We had a nice, relaxing morning and went for a walk on the beach which was beautiful! Then we headed in town for a little lunch and then to Natural Bridges State Park. This is where the monarch butterflies spend time from October to April before migrating South. Apparently, there are thousands of butterflies here during that time….they were all gone when we visited…but it was a nice visit anyways!

Michael had been dealing with Micki, his customer service rep from Port Supply as long as he has owned the Chandlery. He’s always had such nice things to say about her, has said she’s always upbeat, & extremely enjoyable to work with & has enjoyed working with her. Well, the headquarters of Port Supply is located in Watsonville, just a few miles away & he called her up. She told us to come on over and then gave us the grand tour of the business! We had a great visit & appreciate her giving up her time to spend with us.

We putzed around a little more, checking out several more State Parks in the area before going back to the campground. The last couple evenings, we have been visiting with another camper across the way, Bradley. He is another CA transplant from Kansas – Pittsburgh to be exact – and we’ve enjoyed getting to know him over the warm campfire! Tomorrow we’re headed (hopefully) to Mt. Tam in San Francisco…Mt. Tam is another first come, first served campsite…so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!!

More to follow…


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