Monday, June 9, 2008

Mystery Spot & Boardwalk 6.9.08

We did a couple of ‘tourist items’ including “The Mystery Spot”, a place where the laws of gravity, perspective, compass, velocity, & height are defied.

It’s a fascinating place and was a lot of fun. For instance, here’s one of the weird spots. The ‘T’ on this spot is perfectly level (shown by placing a level on it and it was perfectly square)…but on one side, I’m almost as tall as Michael….and the other side I’m significantly shorter. It’s a mindbender!! Check it out…

California summer finally visited & the temps soared into the upper 90’s! I would say it was downright hot! We went to the Surfing Museum & the Wharf and found a couple of geocaches before visiting the boardwalk. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk was an amusement park right on the ocean. It was nice…we rode the gondolas. It’s a nice place to unload a bunch of money burning a hole in your pocket! Haha…

After walking around town, we headed back to the campsite for another beautiful evening. Somehow I managed to get some poison oak on my ankle too so I cleaned it up with the scrub we purchased at REI called Tecnu. I’ll let you know how it works!!

More to follow…


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