Tuesday, June 3, 2008

McWay Falls 6.3.08

Today is Tuesday the 3rd and we drove to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and hiked to McWay Falls. McWay Falls is California's only coastal waterfall. It's an 80' waterfall that falls directly into the sea. It was a beautiful place and we enjoyed the nice, easy hike to see the waterfall.

It was only about 1/4 mile hike so we decided to hike around the rest of the marked hikes in the park as well & enjoyed the day there. The falls were right on the ocean and the other hikes took us up into the tree covered forests.

We have run out of water so we headed South to a little town called Gorda which has a gas station (only $5.79/gal!), a restaurant, two gift stores, a bed & breakfast, & a general store. We purchased two gallons of water & two water bottles for a total of $14! We had a very nice chat with one of the merchants and he told us all about the town.

Back at the campsite, we played a few games of Mexican Train Dominoes & are relaxing in the sunshine when it's out. The fog keeps threatening to roll in and obscures the sun for a little bit, and is chased back out just as quickly.

There are lots of animals out & about here and we've enjoyed watching the bunnies, gophers, ground squirrels, & birds. They're definitely entertainment!!

Tomorrow we're headed to Partington Cove where there is a nice hike.

More to follow...
{GMST}36|09.541|N|121|45.239|W|A beautiful 80' coastal waterfall!|McWay Falls{GEND}


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