Saturday, August 16, 2008

Corpus Christi 8.16.08

We made it – woohoo! We finished the final 300 miles in just a couple hours, rolled in town, found a storage place to leave the wonder truck, & found the hotel. This last drive was hot & muggy - in the upper 80’s with the same humidity. The drive was nice – beautiful wild sunflowers growing on the side of the road, bright blue sky with large puffy clouds in the sky, & mowers on the off ramps for that fresh cut grass smell. Yummm… But as soon as we hit town the clouds opened up and dumped tons of rain on us! I haven’t hydroplaned like that ever, it was very scary. But we made it safe & sound with no problems.

We're definately back in the big city - of 275,000 people. And it's nice that we're by the water. We're on the Gulf of Mexico, just a couple blocks away from Corpus Christi Bay. I'll tell you, it's nice being back in the midwest - country music monopolizes the airwaves, there are more cars visible, nice rest areas and even themed picnic areas & Paul Harvey is on the radio!!

We’re in town until Friday when we fly out to see our friends Scott & Liz in Nicaragua for 3 weeks. We'll do a little sightseeing tomorrow and will visit our property on Monday. We're looking forward to finally finding out how it looks! We can’t wait for Nicaragua...

{GMST}27|47.843|N|097|23.591|W|Hanging out in Corpus Christi|Corpus Christi, TX{GEND}


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