Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving Day 8.12.08

Today's the day! We're leaving California - taking all of our stuff & heading to Texas. We've had a hard couple days as we realized that we're leaving everyone! It 'hit us' that we probably won't be back for a year or two, or possibly more. And you would think that we would see as many friends as we could but for some reason, we just wanted to slip out quietly. I guess we don't do goodbye's very well. I know, it's no excuse. So to everyone that we left, to all of our friends who we didn't get by to personally say hi to, we apologize. We will miss everyone so badly it hurts. But we will be back to visit sometime.

We left early and made it to Palm Springs by about 3pm. We stopped in Palm Springs to see Michael's family one more time. Michael's Mom, Muriel, had shoulder surgery this morning and we suprised both her & Michael's Dad by the visit. We stayed with Michael's sister & brother-in-law in their very comfy RV - with Air Conditioning!! We had a nice visit. We should be in Corpus Christi by Saturday. Tomorrow is a long day.

I'll write more when I can!
{GMST}33|44.812|N|116|17.700|W|At Jennifer & Walter's House in Bermuda Dunes|Palm Springs{GEND}


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