Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 4 on the road 8.15.08

We hit the road early this morning. We lost an hour because of the time zone so getting up early was even more difficult! We were on the road around 8am or so and continued our long drive across Texas. If you've never seen this part of Texas, you can skip it. It's desert with shrubbery and some rolling hills. No towns along Interstate 10 to speak of, no cars on the freeway (only pickup trucks & semi's!), nothing special at all. Although we did go through Bakersfield - we must have taken the wrong freeway. Although we also went through Miama yesterday so we're just all over the map. haha... Actually, the trip today was pretty good - it was overcast which kept the temps in the upper 80's most of the day and we even saw a few sprinkles. There was a storm that was chasing us and we may have even seen a funnel cloud. We drove for about 9 hours again and lead-foot (Michael) increased our speed to the 60's. We had been going slower and when I asked he said he wasn't pushing the truck, it just went that fast on it's own. Hmmm...sounds posessed.

Although I'll tell you, I'm ready to not being on the road. As I've said, it's hard for me to stay awake so I've been alternating between sunflower seeds and wasabi peas. So now I'm all puffy from all the salt and can't taste anything from the horseradish in the peas! haha... But only one more day of driving, and it should be a quick one. We should have about 4 hours left tomorrow into Corpus Christi. There's rain all over the state and we were treated to a show last night of lightning & thunder all around us. I miss just haven't seen lightning & thunder if you haven't seen it in the midwest.

So only one more day and we finally get to see the house we purchased!
More tomorrow!
{GMST}30|04.08|N|099|06.74|W|Hotelling it in Kerrville - just outside San Antonio|Kerrville, TX{GEND}


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