Friday, October 10, 2008

Back in Corpus (yet again!) 10.10.08

We left Kansas because our property that has been being remodeled since June wasn't finished and we had to come down & ensure it was complete before it took a year! We've had problems between the contractor and property manager and work has slowed down to a trickle for the last several weeks. It seems the two just can not manage to get along and it has turned into a lot of he-said-she-said and the project is not getting done.

So we rolled up our sleeves, dressed in our grubbiest clothes and jumped in with both feet! Amazingly, both people were at the property and the past couple days there has been more work on the property than in the last few weeks! Let's the last couple days I've pulled weeds, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, scraped all the paint off of the windows, took lots to the dumpster, jeez! Michael tore the bathroom apart, worked on the windows (they all open up now - woohoo!), swept the entire driveway, and has been coordinating the work between the other two. It's been a very busy couple of days and we're both nice & sore already. We figure we're getting ready to be back on the boat! But the house looks very nice now.

The house is two separate structures - the main house is a two-story house with two units - one upstairs and one downstairs. The entire downstairs has been remodeled and is currently being painted, inside & out. The back structure is a garage type structure (more of a large shed) and the upstairs is a 1 bedroom apartment. This has also been entirely remodeled. The bathroom has had soft spots on the floor so after several attempts to repair, we decided to rip it out and totally replace it. The tile is being laid today and tomorrow and the tub is supposed to be resurfaced as well.

Only a couple more days of work and the back unit will be ready for carpet and then ready for renting. The main house has a few more days to go and will hopefully ready for renting in the next couple weeks.

We're planning on leaving Corpus around Tuesday or so and head down to Mexico and the BOAT!! Woohoo!! We're so ready to be back at home. It's been a fabulous summer and we've had a wonderful time, but we're ready to be back on the boat.

More to follow!
{GMST}27|47.770|N|097|24.383|W|Our property on King Street in Corpus Christi, TX|Our property in Corpus Christi{GEND}


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