Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hiding from the heat 10.25.08

We've been back at the boat for a week and what a HOT week it's been! Temps have been in the upper 90's and the humidity has been trying it's best to match. Projects get done slower in this kind of heat. If Michael is working outside, he must drink lots of water and take breaks often. Inside, it's the task of working around everything as there are lots of 'stuff' out for projects. That's not including the two circulating fans that block the entrances to the aft cabin & main cabin. It's an adventure! haha.

Michael & I both went to the Dr today. He's been suffering for the last month or so with a cough that won't go away and his right ear has been blocked like it won't 'pop'. The gal that runs the marina here, Elvira, has a fiance who is an Ear, Nose, & Throat Dr. The Spanish word for it is a mouthful! Otorrinolaringologia. Yep, say that 3 times fast! haha... Anyway, he opened up his office for us and one other person today. Looked over Michael first. Put him on several meds to get everything under control. Wants to see if he can get the inflamation down in his chest, get the allergies under control, & will see if he is better after 22 days. If not, off to the pulmonologist. I went because I still have this sore throat! It's been about 3 weeks. It's not a horrible pain, but is nagging and is always there. I'm also tired a lot. But I don't have a fever, which prevented me from thinking about taking an antibiotic. I don't have congestion & so I've just been dealing with it. Well, he took a look and turns out I have an infection in my tonsils! He sent me home with an antibiotic, anti-inflamatory, & an allergy med. I came back to the boat and took the meds and they have me really whacked out - dizzy - so I'm taking it easy. $400 worth of meds for both Michael and I.....whew! But hey, if it makes us feel better, it was money well spent.

This week has been good, Michael's getting lots of projects done. And I have been too - just not as noteworthy. I've been getting the laptop/desktop upgraded/synchronized, cleaned & organized, painted my toenails a nice bright pink & ??? I'm amazed how quickly my time passes, just doing small stuff.

There is a restaurant at the top of our dock called Gus Gus and on Wednesday they have a guitarist, his name escapes me but they promise he'll be back every Wednesday. It's a nice relaxing evening and everyone seems to turn out to listen to the music, dance, & chat. There are 3 condo complex's surrounding the marina and Gus Gus was absolutely packed with people!

It rained like cats & dogs yesterday evening and cooled things down for a night - we actually took the A/C down & enjoyed a night of cool temps! We were outside on the docks visiting with others from the dock when it just started to POUR! And big drops! Everyone scattered and ducked onto their boats. Luckily, with the rain, Michael pulled down an access panel and water poured down. See, we have deck stepped masts and all the wiring comes out of the masts and into the heads. He removed an access panel and there's one piece of conduit that must be open at the top of the mast and just acts as a funnel to the rain. Now it's figuring out if we need to fix the wood part or if it will correct itself once we are out of the humidity. We've been told our rig is tuned too tight for this humidity. Problem is...Chad tuned the rig just before we left. If we loosen it, we'll have to figure out how to tune it ourselves or have someone else tune it. We'll see what Michael decides to do. But that ends our search for the water intrusion.

The newest search is for la cucaracha....Michael was getting into the cupboard the other evening when he jumped out of his skin. He said he saw a roach about 3" long (one of the flying ones)in the cupboards. We tore everything out but have slats on the backside of the cupboards and he was long gone. I haven't seen him at all and Michael says he's seen him twice in the last 3 days. We bombed the boat today when we went to the Dr's appt with only one bomb, and only in the main cabin cause we only had one spare! There is another boat at the foot of the dock and has major infestation - they called the exterminator out and the exterminator said it's the worst he's ever seen. BUT...they left all of their food intact on the boat, a big no-no. Yikes. So we're trying hard to get rid of our friend. We have no clue how he got in - maybe flew is our best guess as we hadn't gotten much food yet!

So not much else to report! We're looking forward to seeing new cruisers invade Mazatlan as the Baja Ha-Ha begins tomorrow. There are a little over 180 boats that are making the jump from San Diego down to Cabo and many of them will continue down South from there. Want to read about the Baja haha? Check it out here...

We're also looking forward to seeing many of our cruising friends as they move from the Sea of Cortez down to our neck of the woods. We've been communicating with many of them and they're all waiting for the magical November 15th date! (The end of hurricane season).

Drop us a line! e-mail us at We're readily available on e-mail until about Thanksgiving and miss everyone.



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