Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our new addition! 3.28.09

We left Saturday morning with a list of at least 10 vehicles to visit between Ventura and San Diego. We visited a few but nothing caught our attention. Finally, we were in Costa Mesa and drove up to two Westy’s sitting in front of a mechanic’s business. We checked them both out and the man who owned them, Mike, talked with us for quite a while. We talked about our plans for Alaska & what we were looking for. He strongly suggested one he had that was a bit out of our price range. We told him how much we could spend and he lowered his price to meet it! He was such a wonderful man, a ‘good ‘ol boy’ and we enjoyed chatting with him. He was also from Kansas, which I attributed the reason I felt so good about the purchase.

So here she is!

Our new Westfalia! I want to name it Julius...haha!

It’s a 1984 Westfalia, with a rebuilt, 1987 watercooled engine in it. It’s in very good shape, there’s a few door dings but nothing significant. It’s a burnt orange color

The driver side of the Westfalia

, has working Air Conditioning (just rebuilt), a stove, refrigerator, & sink.

The stove, sink & refrigerator

The top pops up and a bed folds out,

Michael stretched out upstairs in the Westy

allowing you to sleep either on the bunk downstairs, or the bunk upstairs.

Michael stretched out on the bottom bunk

It could technically sleep 4. There is no major rust, it’s built solid. The owner lived in Colorado (his brother) and has it super insulated inside, so we shouldn’t have any problem camping up to Alaska in it. The pop top is a new, 3 window one, it has new shocks, newly rebuilt transmission, and runs well! We’re excited. Now if we could only come up with a name for it…

We have lots more to do this week and hope to leave next weekend sometime for Alaska.


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