Monday, March 23, 2009

Visiting Michael's Family 3.23.09

We ended up spending an additional day in Phoenix unexpectededly as Michael ended up with food poisoning or a stomach bug of some sort. Yuck. It's bad enough when you're at home, but much worse when you're traveling. Poor thing...

He was finally feeling decent enough to travel and so we left Phoenix & drove to Palm Springs where his Mom, Dad, & Sister live. The day we arrived, he was still not well but hung in there for a nice dinner at his Sister's house with everyone, watching everyone eat as he couldn't think of eating yet. We enjoyed seeing everyone again - Michael's Mom, Muriel & her husband, Pete, Michael's Dad, Doug,

Michael and his Dad, Doug Ditton

and his Sister & her family - Jennifer, Walter, Nolan & Gracie. Nolan was participating in a math competition the next morning so we had fun playing math games with him - and him kicking our tails!! haha...

Nolan & Gracie Nellis

The following day we got to see where Jennifer works - as a dispatcher. We even met the Chief of Police! It was fascinating to see how she works & to meet the fun people she works with. That evening after a relaxing day and spending some time with Muriel and Doug everyone assembled again for dinner at Muriel's house for Corned beef & cabbage - yum! We decided to stay one more night since Michael was so comotose the first day and spend some additional time with his Mom & Dad.

The whole family sitting down for dinner at Muriel's house

We had a wonderful visit & scooted off on Monday for Ventura! It's time for car shopping...


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