Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Big Bang Theory 10.20.09

Since we were in town, we made arrangements to attend a taping of The Big Bang Theory and be part of the studio audience - woohoo! It's one of my favorite TV shows. We don't get TV on the boat and most of the time while we were in Ketchikan we were without TV...but this is one we can find online and watch. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a sit-com on CBS in it's 3rd season about a group of amazing scientists, the pretty girl next door, and all the crazy things that happen to them all. It's a great show. If you remember from last year, we had tickets to go last year but unfortunately I came down super sick and wasn't able to attend. Tickets are very difficult to get as you must be online at the exact time they're released to get one....and having a ticket doesn't eve guarantee you will get in!

The taping was down in Burbank at 6:30. The tickets told us to be there at least 1 hour before taping time so we arrived 2 hours before. We had a fun time driving in the parking garage as the top of our van and the bottom of the ceiling was mere inches away. Once at the top, we walked back down and got in the long line already formed at the base of the parking garage. We were lucky, we were number 56 and 57 in line....and we made it inside! We met some very fun, super duper Big Bang Theory fans, who could recite many lines from the show, were wearing matching t-shirts from the show, etc and got to know them pretty well by the time we were told we were going. Finally, we were led in groups of about 20 across the street, through security with a metal detector, down the streets of the WB studios, to set number 25. We went through yet another metal detector and were then led up a set of stairs to the audience area. Once we were seated, we could see in front of us, behind black curtains, a big portion of the set. We saw the stairwell, staircase, Sheldon & Leonard's apartment and Penny's apartment. To the right was what was called a 'swing set' where they had it setup as a campsite and to the far left was also a swing set that was decorated as an Emergency Room. The taping began at 6:30 and we left the studio around 10:00pm. Whew!! But it was great! Very funny, great seeing the stars of the show, and how it all worked. They passed around pizza about 1/2 way through and a bottle of water and all the while we had an emcee who kept the hours lively. It was great! And something I've always wanted to do. There were a couple things that were not cool though....one was I had hoped to get to meet the stars, or at least get an autograph or something...even something to buy! But that wasn't available. The other, which went against every fiber of my being - should have been illegal even! haha... I had to leave my camera & phone in the car. Can you believe it!! I understand not being able to photograph while they're taping though... Oh well! It was a great experience!

Heading to Palm Springs this evening to spent time with Michael's family.


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