Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Eve 2009!!

Since our weather window was being elusive, we decided to stay in La Cruz for New Year’s Eve and then leave for points South on New Year’s day. Oh darn! It’s amazing just how much stuff there is to do in the bay. Parties are everywhere and there’s so much to choose from! We finally decided on going to Britania, a hot spot in La Cruz where our friends from Selah where heading, as were several others, for New Year’s eve dinner. I’ve been working on perfecting my killer margarita recipe and during the day, whipped up a pitcher full in preparation of the group from Selah swinging by when they arrived in La Cruz. They were bringing their boat to La Cruz from PV so that they didn’t have to get a taxi back after midnight. The group came over to the boat around 4:30 or so and we all enjoyed a margarita or two while a boat tour was being conducted by Michael. It’s always great having friends over to the boat, and these guys are especially fun as we don’t get to see them regularly. After catching up and enjoying the margaritas, they left to get ready for the evening.

New Year’s Eve with Selah & Champagne Lady!

We all arrived at Britania around 6:30 with an all you can eat buffet with lots of goodies. There were two bands scheduled to play that evening, the house band and one other and both bands were excellent! Bob & Marlene, along with their daughters Sherrie & Cyndi off of S/V Selah were there, Mat & Diane from Champagne Lady, Pamela & I.V. from precious Metal, as were several others. The night progressed with lots of dancing, margaritas, and the occasional tequila shots.

Rene & Michael enjoying the evening!

At about 10 minutes ‘til 11:00, we decided to stumble, I mean saunter, back down to the marina for fireworks. You see, La Cruz is located in the state of Nayarit, which is one hour behind it’s bordering state of Sonora, where Puerta Vallarta is located. So if the timing was right, you could go up to the breakwall in La Cruz and look out into the bay, and see the fireworks being shot off in PV and all along the bay. That was the plan! But, you guessed it….we arrived a little bit late and missed them. We were having too much fun tooting our party horns, twirling our noise makers, and whooping it up with all of the locals on the street. Haha!! But I heard the fireworks were awesome! We made it down to the boat where Michael found a comfy spot and crashed. I was still a bit amped and there was a band playing close by so I danced away in the cockpit of the boat! That is, until our boat neighbor asked me if I would like a dance partner! Doh! I’d been caught!! Haha… So in my best secret voice, I whispered…..”You can see me?!” And here I thought the tequila had activated my invisibility cloak! Feeling a bit uncomfortable being watched, I decided it was close enough to midnight, Nayarit time, I would go on up to the breakwall and sit up there. I knew something was amiss as everyone was leaving the breakwall, but I persisted and finally found Pat & Barry from Pacific Voyager who were also just leaving. They said the fireworks show was amazing, seeming to last forever! Bummer….I must have missed it. We talked about our plans to leave the following evening and about our night when suddenly….it was midnight Nayarit time and we got to see some of the most amazing fireworks being launched on the other side of the breakwall! We had front row seats to some incredible fireworks! The show seemed to last ages, though it was probably only a 20 minute show. They were so close, the usual pop, pop, pops were boom, Boom, BOOM’s!! You could feel the shocks all the way through your body. After the show finished, Pat & Barry headed back to their boat while I walked to my dock. There was a party going on at the Sky Bar at the top of the Yacht Club with lots of toot, toots going on from party horns. I returned toot toots…and was even invited up to the roof for some dancing! Knowing my limits, I declined, wished them a Happy New Year, and found my way back to the boat again. What an incredible night. I hope everyone had fun this New Year’s Eve and the new year is good to all.

We’re planning to leave the marina tomorrow, headed to Chamela with Pacific Jade, Slacker, & Pacific Voyager. I can’t wait!!

More to follow…


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