Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rain, rain go away!! 2.18.10

It’s happened again – La Cruz has sucked us in! We thought we would be here just a couple days. But the weather just isn’t cooperating! We were planning to leave yesterday and then a ‘pineapple express’ came in the area and well, we don’t want to sail in the rain, so we figured we’d stay until it clears up. And so we waited – and watched – and waited some more! Willow and Prairie Seashell took off one more we had planned to leave but decided to bail at the last minute and they have been stuck just North of here in Mantanchen Bay waiting as well. There’s worse places to be stuck though! So in the meantime we’ve been enjoying ourselves – as usual!

We were stuck on the boat for one whole day as it poured around us and we didn’t want to get wet taking the dinghy into the marina. That was a nice, down-time day and we worked on projects on the boat and Michael made a killer turkey soup from broth we saved from Thanksgiving day. The following day we went into town and just walked…we needed to stretch our legs!

The following day we took a trip into Puerta Vallarta, just a quick trip in to walk around town and see the sights. We jumped onto the bus and headed in while clouds loomed just outside of town. The clouds kept getting darker & darker and it felt like they were following us into town! When we finally jumped off the bus, it began to sprinkle. The longer we walked, the harder the sprinkles came. Worried we wouldn’t make it far enough into town before it started to downpour we jumped on a second bus and got off at the downtown river shops. We walked over to Café Roma’s and were no sooner seated when it started pouring! Well, what is there to do on a rainy day if not sit with friends, chatting away, have a great lunch, watch the rain come down from the open-air café, and watch the Olympics! Unfortunately for us, of all the winter sports we could have been watching, we were stuck watching curling…..but we stuck it out until our butts were beginning to go asleep. We checked the current weather satellite photo on an internet station in the restaurant and figured we were in for another couple hours at least of rain so we figured what the heck - we ventured out in the rain to find the bus stop. Julie was the smart one who brought a rain jacket while the rest of us proceeded to get soaked!

It's raining in PV!

Back in La Cruz we were rewarded with a spectacular rainbow and a dry trip back to the boat. When is this crazy weather going to stop?! I feel for all of the first-timers down this year, they must think we’re all nuts for doing this year after year! Everyone says each year has a theme – two years ago the water was so cold you couldn’t even jump in most of the season, last year everyone agrees was perfect, this year it’s crazy weather. What will next year be? Hmmm….I guess I’ll have to wait to find out! Hopefully it’ll be another perfect year!

Oh, Gumby’s still hanging out on the boat – we’ve spied him several more times and it’s always fun to see him scooting around!

Gumby climbing around on the inside of the window

More to follow!


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