Tuesday, October 4, 2011

British Columbia, Canada 10.4.11

B.C. is sure pretty. We started in Prince Rupert and have traveled Highway 16 over to Prince George and then down Hwy 97. Our first stop was right outside of Prince Rupert in Port Edward at a place called Kinninnick Campground. It was outside of PR by about 20 minutes, convenient, & clean – but nothing to write home about.

Camping in Port Edward

The next morning we were up & gone, headed to a campground in Burns Lake, about 7 hours East. The drive was gorgeous – the trees, shrubs, & ferns are changing color from vibrant green to yellows, reds, browns, & oranges. It was cool & overcast but a nice dry drive for most of the way.

Fall Colors in B.C.

Scooby the van is doing great. It’s our 1983 Volkswagon Westfalia campervan that we love traveling in. It has everything we need – a nice bed, refrigerator, sink, & 2 burner stove. Michael worked this summer on a gremlin in the refrigerator and now it’s working perfectly now on all 3 settings – propane, d/c, & a/c. Yeah! The van is running like a champ and I think it is just as happy to get out and do what it was built for. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for an uneventful trip!

The landscape is mountainous with thousands of lakes & rivers all around. We spend most of the first day following the Skeena River as it would through the mountains. There are hundreds of small lakes dotting the area, cool bridges, & trees everywhere. I even spotted a black bear!

Gorgeous views in B.C.

We arrived in Burns Lake around 4’ish and found our campground. I had researched ‘free campgrounds in B.C.’ before we left and this one popped up. It is sponsored by the Rotary, had about 8 campsites, and is an absolute gem! It is located right on Burns Lake, right alongside the curling rink, a kids playground, a skate park, and a little exercise park where all the equipment used your own body weight. I love that little exercise park!, dragging Michael from machine to machine and trying them all out.

Camping in Burns Lake

You’re allowed 72 hours free and it is often patrolled by the RCMP. When we arrived it was completely empty so we had our choice of spots. We picked one that was level and provided the most protection from the wind. It was a perfect place – there was a picnic table & fire pit and a nice clean bathroom located at the park. What else do we need?! Michael fired up the BBQ and cooked us a brisket, mashed potatoes, & corn. Yum! The perfect 1st night dinner. And plenty of leftovers for sandwiches tomorrow.

The view from our Campground in Burns Lake

I have been without internet for 2 days and was starting to get the itch. (Sad, isn’t it?!) And I couldn’t pick up any wi-fi where we were but remembered I had my Kindle! I opened it up and sure enough, the experimental web browser worked! I was at least able to check and make sure I didn’t have any pressing matters. Yeah! :-) Just one more reason to have a Kindle….hahaha!!

It was downright cold – temps hit freezing last night. But we were well prepared and both slept well – and warm! Though that means for me I’m wearing long underwear & sweats, a scarf, socks, & a hat. But it works! :-) Just before we left Michael picked up a little space heater that uses propane but it turned out we didn’t need it today.

Next stop….Cinema. More to follow!


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