Monday, October 10, 2005

Only 5 days left in the slip!

This week was a very productive one as Michael spent most of the week
working on the boat. Lots of those little ‘finishing’ projects were
done…..the Refrigerator temperature sensor was changed to read the cold
plate, not the temperature of the box as a whole which should help keep it
from cycling so often. Chad, the rigger was on the boat all day Friday
and we were able to get more of the rig ready to go, although there’s
still some more to go and it appears that we might be working on that in
the boatyard. I finally gave up on the @#
($& hard drive recovery and sent
it back for replacement. The First Aid Kit contents are 99% complete. We
sent out invites to the Bon Voyage party on the 29th. We were planning to
have it at SeaFresh Restaurant which is over by the Shop, but on Sunday
morning at approx 12:45’ish we were woken up by both of our cell phones
ringing – it turns out that the SeaFresh building caught fire and was
badly damaged, so we won’t be having it there! Michael’s Dad is getting
more and more trained at the store….all is going well and slowly getting
done. Our list seems to be getting a little shorter, although it seems
that when we take one thing off, another goes on.

This week, the repaired portion of the generator will be installed. We
have to get a pickup truck to get a bunch of stuff out of storage, we
still have to make our Sam’s Club run, there’s some more purchases to make
this week, I have to track down a long, lost IRA that seems to have
disappeared, the Electrician is coming over to make sure we have all of
the parts he needs to ensure our electrical system is running perfectly.
And we exit the slip on Friday. We have a haul-out scheduled at 10:30.

We’ve been joking that we’re getting more and more ‘cruisers’ each day –
we sold all of the vehicles so we’ve been either walking, riding the bike,
or bumming rides from everyone, but as of Friday, we won’t have TV, DSL,
Electricity other than what we make for ourselves, and we’ll be in a
different Harbor than the shop, so no more taking the dinghy to work!!
That’s OK, we’ll be calling in all of those favors……hahaha.

We’ll write more later,
Rene & Michael


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