Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Henry Miller Mem'l Library 6.4.08

Just a few miles North of Partington Cove is a place called Henry Miller Memorial Library which was advertised in the local paper as having FREE WI-FI!! So we jumped at the chance to catch up on our logs. The laptop battery was mostly dead, the camera battery was running low, & the mp3 player was completely dead. (Darned gadgets!!) So we took some time to play catchup & juice up!

Amazingly, my photos magically started uploading again so I edited all the blogs since we left with some photos and uploaded the blogs. Hopefully at our next stop I'll have a chance to upload the videos.

The Henry Miller Memorial Library is not a memorial, not a library...and not even his house! It's a house of his friend, Emil White. Inside were lots of books, paintings, literature, letters, etc. Things to purchase and a library encouraging you to grab a book, hang out on the deck, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, sit & listen to the music, or just do nothing! The library's grounds is used for a ton of events - book signings, concerts, etc. While there, we met a fellow who had circumnavigated twice on sailboats! He shared his list of 'favorite' places to go & see.

We had managed to skip lunch and were both starving so we didn't check e-mails but got the coordinates for a couple of geocaches in the area. We found one of them, made it back & snarfed down a whole bag of pretzels while playing mexican train dominoes. Geez, life's tough!! :-)

Today we saw a salamander, a blue dragonfly, a fresh-water crawfish (that looked just like a lobster to me!), & a centipede. It was a great day...and we were bid goodbye with an awesome sunset. We're off to Monterey tomorrow!

More to follow...
{GMST}36|13.235|N|121|45.239|W|Henry Miller Memorial Library!|Henry Miller Memorial Library{GEND}


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