Friday, August 22, 2008

Off to Nicaragua 8.22.08

We're headed to Nicaragua on Friday. Woohoo! We'll spend 3 weeks with Scott & Liz - surfing (lessons for me!), relaxing, hiking, reading, and helping them with their home improvements.

We've spent the last few days dodging the rain as it has rained here every day since we arrived, getting shopped & packed for our Nicaragua trip, visiting our property, meeting & dealing with our property manager & the contractor that has been working on the improvements on the house, & touring the area. The city is nice but has been dumped on with rain - first the hurricane then a solid week of rain. It needs time to dry out a little. And the mosquitoes are everywhere! They must know we're out of towners and have been taking every opportunity to chomp on us as they can. We went swimming in the ocean today - and then dipped our toes in the gulf - the water is a very warm temp, perfect for swimming!

Our property is having major improvements done - new windows, remodel of the bathroom, kitchen, deck, paint, carpet, tile, etc. It was in pretty bad shape but the improvements are coming along nicely. Two of the units are vacant right now so the work is being done a bit quicker & easier.

The weather has been...wet! It's rained every day, has been in the upper 80's to mid 90's every day and is MUGGY!! We've driven all around the island & have even managed to find a couple geocaches.

Tomorrow we're taking the Jeep to storage along with everything we're not taking to Nicaragua (including the laptop!) and we'll get a ride to the airport Friday morning. Our flight is early - 6am and we should be in Managua, Nicaragua around noon or so Friday afternoon.

I'll be without a computer & cell phones while we're there (thank goodness!) but will attempt to update the slog as often as I can. Stay tuned!


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