Monday, April 6, 2009

On the road again….to Alaska! 4.6.09

We’re off! We left Sue’s house super early Monday morning and trucked up to San Francisco for our first stop. Dale Matheny, a friend of Michael’s family, is in San Francisco and we spent the day with him. We visited him last year and had such a great time. We made it in time for lunch and visited all afternoon & evening – sitting outside in the sunshine on the porch watching the world go by and talking. I’m sure I mentioned he collects carnival glass, of which I’m mesmerized. It’s such a fascinating hobby & collection and he has met such wonderful people also into collecting and has amazing stories.

The van ran well, though we had some ‘spittle’ of oil on the back end that we’re puzzled how it’s getting there. It’s not serious, but has Michael scratching his head. We’ll know more in the next few days whether it’s a problem.

Tomorrow is a long drive – to Bend, Oregon – about 12 hours of driving. Whew! It should be a nice drive though. The total trip to Alaska is approx 2300 miles and we must be there by the 16th when we have a Ferry reservation from Prince Rupert, Canada to Ketchikan. 10 days and counting!

More to follow!


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