Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anne’s birthday in Sayulita 2.20.10

Who needs the excuse of a weather window to keep us in La Cruz when we have a real reason to celebrate!! It’s Anne’s birthday!! Woohoo!! And how, pray tell, should we help her celebrate?! Let’s have a BEACH DAY!!! A vacation from our vacation! Yeah!!

Happy Birthday Anne!!

We got a great motley crew together…Anne & Jeff (of course!), Mike & Julie on Slacker, Bill & MJ on Grey Max, Mike & Ceacy on Ramble on Rose, Joe & Deb on Pacific Jade, Willem, Russell & Lori, and Michael & I all climbed into three vehicles and rode to Sayulita. It was the first time for Anne & Jeff to visit Sayulita but the rest of the group had come just before Christmas. The skies were mostly sunny with clouds taking over the sunshine occasionally but it was a spectacular day. Sayulita is a cute surf town and the surfers were out in force as there were big waves coming in. The water was a brilliant turquoise color and the white puffy clouds in the background really brought out the green on the hillsides – it was picture perfect! The water temperature was still in the 70’s, a little cooler than before but it still felt wonderful.

Sayulita beach day on Anne's B-day

We started out the day with a trip to Rollie’s for breakfast – by far the most incredible breakfast spot in Sayulita. We left there absolutely stuffed with our breakfast of choice, mine being a machacha & bacon burrito that was big enough to feed 3 and, of course, bloody marias! We wandered down to the beach and setup camp – blankets, umbrellas, coolers, you name it! The rest of the day was typical beach day – swimming, reading, playing dice games, people watching, scoring the surfers & paddle boarders, walking the beach looking for shells & beach glass, walking the streets and checking out all of the vendors’ wares. Ahhh…. Oh, check out how the pangas beach themselves here! Scary!

Julie and I strolled the streets looking for a panaderia (bakery) and finally found one at the opposite side of town where we picked up some cookies and a candle. We brought them back to the beach and Anne blew out the candle while we all sang her happy birthday!

The day was good, the company better, and it was a perfect day to celebrate Anne’s birthday. This is the 3rd year we’ve known Anne, even though her & Jeff lived in Ventura (where we spent 13 years!) and we’ve been trying to get together for her birthday each year, I’m so happy we were finally able to celebrate with her! Now if only we could find the weather window!!

More to follow…


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