Friday, February 19, 2010

EZ Lady in La Cruz! 2.19.10

Guess who we ran into in La Cruz?! Bob & Louise, our friends from Channel Islands Harbor that we pretty much buddy boated down the entire Baja coast with on S/V EZ Lady in 2007!!

Bob & Louise and Rene in La Cruz at Ana Bananas!

It’s always so much fun to run into folks you know, have traveled with, and are sure you won’t see any time soon. They’re in La Cruz and, unfortunately, has run into some bad luck. Or bad luck has run into them. During the crazy storm that we experienced in Tenacatita, they were in the La Cruz anchorage and a boat anchored in front of them came loose and hit them, doing quite a bit of damage to the rigging, lifelines, ripping off solar panels, bbq lp units, and more. It’s a bummer to see them here with damage – but GREAT to catch up with them!!

We went to Ana Banana’s one evening to listen to Bill from Grey Max play guitar with some friends and had fun with some boas brought in for the evening.

MJ and Ceacy with boas at Ana Bananas

And then we were on to T.I.T.S – Tacos in the street – for the tastiest tacos in town!!

The Slackers, Outriders, & us at T.I.T.S. in La Cruz

Life is good!!

More to follow…


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