Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Speedy Gonzalez….10.5.11

That’s what you can call Michael. We made it to Cinema just before noon and decided to keep on going to our next stop, Lillooet, or Mile 0 on the Cariboo Wagon Road that was used during the Gold Rush in the 1850’s. It’s located on the Frasier River, which we have been following for some time.

The view while driving to Lillooet

The landscape has changed – from mountainous to more meadows. It’s not flat, in any sense, but more rolling hills than steep climbs. We are still enjoying the changing colors and the meadows have lots of hay bales rolled up ready for winter – horses, cows, etc. It has been an absolutely gorgeous day – sunshiny & warm with temps in the 70’s. Before leaving, Michael and John installed a new stereo system in the van that ROCKS and paired with my ipod, we’ve had good music to listen to.

Our campground tonight is at a place called Seton Dam and is provided free of charge through BC Hydro. It is another gorgeous campground just outside of Lillooet. We arrived just at sunset and found the campground with only a half a dozen spots filled.

The view while driving to Lillooet

As we were setting up, the camp host, Tony, was tooling around delivering firewood so we purchased an armful for tonight’s campfire – it was perfect. The evening came fast but it is absolutely crystal clear tonight. We are in a valley between two snow topped mountains and the half moon has just popped up over the top. Oh yea, this is what it’s all about! Roasted marshmallows, a warm meal, cold drink, ahhhh…. :-)

Michael and Rene Ditton camping in Canada

Tomorrow we’re headed to Whistler… More to follow!


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