Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pulling the boat

Today we pulled the boat out of the water and put it in the boatyard. We had been warned that we had a 20% chance of rain....well, it rained. Actually, it POURED!! And it seemed to pour at all the important times! We're both soaked to the gills and have pickled feet from being in the rain all morning. We started the process at approx 10am and didn't get the boat settled in until 2:30. All in all, it was good - the boat was pulled at Anchor's Way Boatyard and is all secure there tonight. I'll send some pics in as I think we can post pics here too. Michael & Corey tried pulling the rudder this afternoon, but needed a big socket that no one seemed to have. I went looking for one but after a couple stops, we decided to get it elsewhere and Corey would pick it up and try again tomorrow. We're going to try to dry out and take it easy tonight and see what tomorrow brings... Will write more later. Rene & Michael


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