Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Back to work

After living it up on Saturday at the party, we took a day off on Sunday and relaxed! We did some cleanup and a little organization, but mostly rested. It was a beautiful day, but no rest for the wicked. Monday morning we started again with the lists, provisioning, & work. The parts for the generator came in late Monday and we moved the provisions from Michael's Dad's garage down to the boat. The generator mechanic, Jason, came over Tuesday and after working all was still sucking water into the cylinder. So, now we have a new head, cylinder, rings, springs, and everything else under the sun on order to replace. We hope to have the parts on Friday, and hopefully Jason will come over on either Friday or Saturday. We'll see. Chad, the rigger, is working on the boat today and we'll have the Mizzen sail tuned and most everything else done today. He'll go on a sail with us after the generator is put back together and try to loosen up the rig so he can do a final tune on it before we leave. Right now we have all of the engine room tore up so that Jason can work on the generator, and all of that 'stuff' from the engine room is everywhere on the boat. We also have the provisions still in the original boxes and they're taking up all the rest of the room on the boat. Right now we don't have any room to sit, and walking through the boat requires some coordination! Still here in Channel Islands.....will write more later. Rene & Michael


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