Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Boat Floats!!

Yep, the boat is floating! We're happy to be out of the yard, it was a hard 11 days. The shaft works very well and is absolutely beautiful. We have a couple little issues - one packing gland drips and shouldn't.....and the other one that should, doesn't. But those are small little issues, should be no problem to fix. We motored back to Channel Islands Harbor late this afternoon and had absolutely beautiful seas & wind. We have the boat in the new spot that it will be parked for a while and have the place & picnic tables roped off for tomorrow's party. We have to pick up the beer, wine, & ice tomorrow morning, and get ready for everyone to come. We catered the party so we won't have to worry about food and lots of people have said they will bring something. We can't wait for the party as we haven't seen a lot of the people who are attending in some time. We're absolutely exhausted and can't wait for tomorrow to end so we can SLEEP IN!! It's been great living with Michael's Dad, but we're sleeping on an air matress and you know how it kinda works as a catapult for the other person when the 1st person gets out of bed? I'M ALWAYS THAT OTHER PERSON!! I'll be happy when I can crawl into my little 'hole' and sleep for hours on end. Hahaha...
I'll write more later - Michael & Rene


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